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Income Tax Return | e-Filing Anywhere Anytime through Jodhpur Consultancy

Filing returns is a sign you are responsible, the government mandates that individuals who earn a specified amount of annual income must file a tax return within a pre-determined due date. This is called ITR Filing Procedure.

Income tax return must be filed by persons in every year. Jodhpur consultancy offers you an easy process for filing income tax return.


  • The law states that tax returns must be filed every year for an individual or business that received income during the year, whether through regular income (wages), dividends, interest, capital gains or other sources. It does not depend upon the fact that whether tax has already been deducted at source by his/her employer or not. If the return shows excess tax has been paid during a given year, the assesse is eligible for a ‘tax refund’, subject to the department’s interpretations and calculations.


  • Easy to get Loans
  • Avoid paying penalties
  • Get your excess Money Back
  • It becomes your standard income proof
  • It is your legal obligation. The taxes you pay on your income will work towards betterment of our nation.
  • For professionals and business organizations, Income tax returns are a must to become eligible to secure certain tenders.

Documents required for INCOME TAX RETURN

  • Income-tax returns are annexure less. Hence, there is no need to enclose any document(s) along with the return of income.
  • Note: However, documents like TDS certificate, balance sheet, Profit & Loss A/c, Capital A/c, proof of investments, etc., documents should be retained and have to be produced before the Assessing Officer whenever he requires us to do so.
Indiviual/Salaried Person

Pan card and aadhaar card, All bank statement, TDS certificate(form 16-for TDS on salary), TDS certificate (form 16a-for TDS on non-salary) like professional fees, rent, interest etc.

Private Limited Company

Directors pan and aadhaar card, Company pan card, Profit and loss statement, Balance sheet, All bank statements, Investment proofs.

LLP Company

LLP pan, address details, date of registration proofs, Partner pan, aadhaar and address details, Profit and loss statement, Balance sheet, Bank statements.

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